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We had a pretty specific "must- have" list when we started house hunting in the Derby City. Notice we said "started"... Here's what our original list looked like:
  • Within a certain area (approximately 10 city blocks)
  • Large entertaining space (we like to party)
  • 3 beds/2 baths
  • Updated kitchen
  • Hardwood floors
  • Charm (that fickle mistress)
  • Within our ridiculously tight budget (this was the hard part as the average home in our desired neighborhood was $70k beyond our reach.)
After seven months of looking, compromising on almost every box on our checklist, two missed sales, and driving our realtor insane, we found our house. It was in our favorite area, 4 beds/1 bath, a huge living room for entertaining, and it was on budget! 

Check out what our house looked like the first time we walked in. Most of the furniture was sold at an estate sale, but four layers of painted wall paper, blue crown molding, floral window treatments, and strategically placed cherubs welcomed us to our new home. It's our firm belief that the 10th circle of hell is reserved for people who paint over wallpaper. Sorry if you're that guy. The hardwood floors were hidden under peach carpet and the plaster walls were covered in 100 years of wallpaper, but somewhere under all that baby blue was our home. 

If you want to see what sold the original owner on our home in 1920, check out the original plans.

The "enclosed porch" was an Upgrade!

The Porch - It looks kinda cute....

I'm not sure how much entertaining was going on out there - It was 110 degrees behind that glass!

Pink carpet and a wallpaper boarder - Yes Please!

The fireplace and built ins were awesome!

The eat in kitchen - Yes, those are saloon doors

A nice big formal dining room - doilies anyone?

And while we are admiring wallpaper - All the blue walls in the house were painted wallpaper :-(

Going upstairs!

Bedroom 1 - Yes that is more painted wall paper!

Bedroom 2 - Window treatments came with the house!

Bedroom 3 - My favorite, to the right is another triple bank of windows

Bedroom 4 - gotta love the vanity!

The basement - That 70's show anyone?

Yes, that is a bar!

Mowing should only take 2 minutes!

Nice little addition on the back of the house...

The 3 car garage - has a bit of a lean...

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