Monday, August 10, 2015

Buy a home for under $1000?


Check out the original add for our home from 1916. Maybe it's just me nerding out, but I though it was awesome step back and look at the same add the original owner found before building our home all those years ago. If you want to learn a more about your own home, check out the style gallery at Use your home's architectural style and build date to sleuth through the old house plans at


  1. What is the cost of ikea hinges versus buying the blum hinges that work with barkers standard hinge cup location?

    Thanks for posting this information. There is very little about this online.

  2. Erik, ff you are going with Barker Doors, you need to buy the hinges outlined in this post:

    You can't use Ikea Hinges with Barker doors because the overlay will be incorrect.

    As far as costs go: 2 Ikea Utrusta hinges are $12 ($6 for hinges + $6 for the soft close dampers). The hinges with integrated soft close and mounting plate in the linked blog post are $7.50 from for 2 hinges.