Monday, August 15, 2016

Basement Bathroom Mood Board

While Ross is putting all the finishing touches on our sparkly new kitchen (you guys... just wait til you see it!!), I've moved on to bigger things. Our basement.

As you can see, it may be bigger but definitely not better. Check out that picture from the previous owner. I think it may have been used as the set for That 70's Show. For a while, we embraced the old school. We had bigger things to tackle when we moved in. However, the time has come. We only have one full bathroom and it's a disaster. So in order to gut that one, we need an alternative. We need to install another bathroom. For my sanity.

The good thing about installing a brand new bathroom is that it's a completely blank slate. There aren't really any walls or existing plans to to work around. At least, not now that Ross has started demolition.

This is what I came home to last Friday evening. Hold me.

Our demoed basement in all its disgusting glory

Anyways. I figured if walls were coming out, it was time to get serious about what was going in. We know we needed four distinct spaces in the basement - a large main room, a storage area, a bathroom, and a laundry area. Currently, we're planning to use the basement as a master suite while we continue the renovation on the second floor. Also, because it's cheaper to heat and cool a 56 degree basement. Every dollar counts ya'll. #retirementdreaming

Here's where we stand now with our basement plans.

The aquarium next to the stairs is a nice touch. Thanks babe. #nothappening

We ended up adding a walk-in closet or finished storage area - however we end up using it as well as our original unfinished storage area (for paint, holiday decorations...), laundry, and bathroom.

When we tackled the kitchen/bathroom renovation, we were so bogged down in the details of the kitchen that the half bath was almost an after thought. And shockingly, it's one of my favorite pieces of the house now. So in the spirit of simplicity (and hoping the same bathroom inspiration bug would bite twice) I started pulling together inspiration photos for our basement bathroom.

A walk-in shower was a must. Good for showering, spraying down large pets, my professional singing career... you know, all important things. And I've always had a desire to turn an old piece of furniture into a vanity. So that's where we started. And this is where we've ended up:

The black, white, and wood are reminiscent of our first floor bathroom. In fact, the floor tile will be the exact same $2/sq ft tile we used there. But we'll mix it up by using an old dresser for our vanity and matte black hardware. Currently, we're thinking a nice gray/green shade on the walls. But I'm thinking of changing it. What do you think? Will my husband let me have a pink bathroom? Kidding. Kinda.

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